Here is a long but very good talk Senator Jon Tester of Montana gave at Harvard on November 7, 2014:
Here is David Cobb, National MTA Spokesperson, on a recent Thom Hartman Show,
explaining what’s happening with money in politics, successes across the country and how states and communities should continue the push to stop the flood of money in politics.
Jeffrey Clements, author of “Corporations are not People”, was in Seattle this past October and gave a talk. The following is a link to the video of his talk.

WAmend sponsored a wonderful presentation on September 28, 2013, by young Move to Amend leader Ashley Sanders.  Ashley demonstrated that Citizens United was only one case in a parade of legal decisions favoring corporations over people and transforming money into political speech.

Then, watch a delightful, fast-moving, partly-animated, 8-minute video that explores the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy. Stars Annie Leonard. Courtesy of Story of Stuff Project.

Watch a Bill Moyers Show  – Dollarocracy Authors Interview – 31 minutes

And if you want to get seriously inspired, view Laurence Lessig’s Ted Talk “We the People and the Republic We Must Reclaim” from February, 2013. Lessig believes there’s another path than a Constitutional Amendment, though. WAmend disagrees.

Wealth Inequality in America:  Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.  Published November 2012.

Bill Moyers interviews Trevor Potter: The former FEC chairman, a Republican, joins Bill to discuss how American elections are bought and sold, who covers the cost, and how the rest of us pay the price.

Russell Brand on inequality and the corrupted political system – awesome, from October 2013.

RepresentUs – Lobby Lunch – 3 minutes

The Young Turks – McCutcheon – Elizabeth Warren – WOLF-PAC 8 minutes

Slow Money – Jeff Clements – 16 minutes

Jeff Clements at constitution society   11/ 30 /2010 – 5 minutes

John McCain on Citizens United – 3 minutes

Meet The Press John McCain on Citizens United – 1 minutes

Common Cause Colorado – Elena Nunez 2 minutes

Colbert – I’m a Super-PAC and so can you

Colbert interview on ThisWeek

Colbert – on Super PACs

Maine 2012 Election Debate Candidate Angus King – CU worst decision in 100 years

Tavis Smiley Show with – John Nichols – 26 minutes

Signature Gathering Tips – 8.5 minutes (From WA I-1098 campaign, 2010 )

Signature Gathering Tips – 13 minutes (From CA Prop 34 campaign, 2012)




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