Printed petitions will be available very shortly. In the meantime, you may download this PDF.

Read the directions below before downloading and printing copies of the petition.

Download the file from the website and print your own copies at a commercial printer. They cost less than a dollar. (You can’t print them at home. They must be printed on white 11” x 17” paper, two-sided. The Secretary of State will disqualify one-sided copies or anything smaller, or taped-together, or one-sided copies.) The Secretary of State says there has to be a 1-inch clear margin on the bottom front.

You’ll want to recruit more volunteers who want to carry their own petitions. In fact, you can give them a blank petition, if you have a spare and if you’re sure they’ll work hard to fill it up. You can also carry Voter Registration Forms, available online – in case you run into a new Washington resident or one who has moved or changed their name and not yet notified their Election Board.

Remember, fill your petition(s) up as fast as you can, but make sure the information is legible and that you’re only getting voters registered in Washington State. As soon as it’s full or if you feel you’re “done for now,” send it back to the address on the bottom front of the petition form, get a new one and keep going! Thank you!
Any questions?

Download the Petition!


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