WAMEND’s Long-Term Objectives

The WAMEND Coalition is working for passage and ratification of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that restores democracy to we the people by getting money out of politics and restoring constitutional rights for human beings, not corporations.

We have three long-term objectives:

  1. To ensure that every Congressional representative from Washington state supports a constitutional amendment,
  2. To ensure that the Washington State legislature ultimately ratifies the amendment passed by the U.S. Congress, and,
  3. To create a grass roots organization that is a national model for state level bottom-up organizing.

WAMEND’s Two-year Objective (2014-2016): Public Ballot Initiative

As part of building the grassroots support to achieve our long-term objectives, WAMEND will begin collecting signatures early April 2015 and through to the end of December.  Then we will get the voters of Washington State to approve a public initiative in November 2016 general election that calls for the passage of a US Constitutional amendment clarifying that:

  1. corporations are not persons entitled to the human rights listed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
  2. the spending of money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment; and,
  3. federal, state and local governments shall regulate, limit, or prohibit political contributions and expenditures and require their public disclosure .


Signature Requirements:

# of valid signatures required: 245,684

Target # of Signatures to gather: 360,000

WAMEND’S “3600 Super Citizen” Strategy

The WAMEND initiative, unlike other public initiatives, is a campaign waged in a way that is consistent with our fundamental principle that democracy is based on the actions of committed citizens rather than the power and influence of big money and corporations.

Drawn from legions of citizens represented and spearheaded by our coalition member organizations, 3600 volunteers will each pledge to collect 100 signatures.

After the public initiative campaign, we will have identified 3600 people committed to lobbying their congressmen and legislators for ultimate passage of a Constitutional Amendment by the U.S. Congress and ratification by Washington State.

We Need All the Help We Can Muster!

To be successful in getting the public initiative on the state ballot in the fall of 2016 and to pass by the majority of Washington state voters we are getting a commitment from thousands of signature gatherers and raising funds to promote the initiative. Signature gathering will occur from this April and through December. We can do it, but we need your help. The more volunteers we can sign up the easier it will be.

Want more information about our coalition? info@wamend.org
Questions about getting involved? getinvolved@wamend.org
Comments or problems with our website? comm@wamend.org
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