National, State and Local Support for Constitutional Amendment

A random survey we conducted in May, 2014, showed that 47% of likely Washington voters would NOT vote for a candidate who OPPOSED I-1329.  (31% were not sure and 27% said they’d be MORE likely to vote for a candidate who opposed the initiative.)

Polling over the last few months confirms the premise that Americans’ awareness of the problems associated with corporate and unlimited money in our politics has reached new heights: seven out 10 Americans believe that Super PACs should be illegal and nine out of 10 believe that corporations have too much power in our political process.

90 U.S. House members and 28 U.S. Senators have announced support for a constitutional amendment.

States whose Legislatures have urged amendments:
New Mexico
Rhode Island
New Jersey
West Virginia

States that have passed statewide citizen initiatives:

Local Governments in Washington State: Seattle
La Conner
Oak Harbor
Port Townsend
Walla Walla
Island County
Jefferson County
Snohomish County

Local Governments Nation-wide
Over 600 counties and cities have voted for measures calling for an end to money as free speech.

National Support:
Americans for Campaign Reform
Brennan Center for Justice
Center for Responsive Politics
Common Cause
Democracy Matters
Fair Elections Now
Follow the Money
Justice At Stake
Move to Amend
People for the American Way
Public Campaign: Clean Money. Clean Elections,
Fair Vote
Public Citizen
US-PIRG and other groups.

Washington State Legislator Support for Constitutional Amendment (as of 2013)
Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe
Rep. Derek Stanford
Rep. Luis Moscoso
Sen. Andy Billig
Rep. Tim Ormsby
Sen. Mullett
Sen. Bob Hasegawa
Rep. Zack Hudgins
Sen. Paul Shin
Rep. Mary Helen Roberts
Rep. Marko Liias
Sen. Karen Frazer
Rep. Chris Reykdal
Rep. Sam Hunt
Sen. Christine Rolfes
Rep. Sherry Appleton
Rep. Drew Hansen
Sen. James Hargrove
Rep. Kevin Van De Wege
Rep. Steve Tharinger
Rep. Dawn Morrell
Sen. Jeannie Darneille
Rep. Laurie Jinkins
Rep. Tami Green
Sen. Maralyn Chase
Rep. Cindy Ryu
Rep. Ruth Kagi
Sen. Karen Keiser
Rep. Tina Orwell
Rep. Dave Upthegrove
Sen. Sharon Nelson
Rep. Eileen Cody
Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Rep. Reuven Carlyle
Rep. Gael Tarleton
Sen. Adam Kline
Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos
Rep. Eric Pettigrew
Sen. Nick Harper
Rep. John McCoy
Rep. Mike Sells
Sen. Kevin Ranker
Rep. Kristine Lytton
Rep. Jeff Morris
Rep. Marcie Maxwell
Rep. Judy Clibborn
Sen. Ed Murray
Rep. Frank Chopp
Rep. Jamie Pedersen
Rep. Dunshee
Rep. Roger Goodman
Rep. Larry Springer
Sen. David Frockt
Rep. Gerry Pollet
Rep. Jessyn Farrell
Sen. Rodney Tom
Rep. Jim Moeller
Rep. Sharon Wylie
Rep. Gael Tarleton

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