A wonderful tool for raising awareness of our issue is by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper – or to the New York Times!

FCNL – Friends Committee on National Legislation – a Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest – has an Online Action Center that makes this easy.  You don’t have to know the name of your local paper or look up where to send your letter.  All you have to do is enter your zip code.  FCNL’s software is a handy tool for activism.  Thanks to Rebecca Wolfe for suggesting it.  (it also functions to help write letters to elected officials.)

Go to http://capwiz.com/fconl/dbq/media/ – scroll down and enter your zip code.  A list of a few national and lots local media contacts will appear – check all that you want to receive and publish your letter, then hit “Compose” at the bottom.  On the next screen, scroll down below their list of pre-written messages and select “Compose your own Letter.”

Compose the Subject and the text – remember, writing shorter is harder and ‘way more effective – and enter your name and contact information.  You can preview your message before hitting that old Send Message button.

A sample to get you started – this one was published in the Everett Herald on July 4, 2013.
Declare Independence from Corporations

And another published in the Everett Herald in November, 2013. – Corporate Bullies Aren’t Humans

And an excellent one, Launch Effort to Overturn Ruling, in the Vancouver Columbian from March 5, 2014.

All these Everett Herald letters are excellent – and they’re from different people:

Everett Herald, April 4: Initiative Aims to End Money Game.

Everett Herald, April 6, Power of Money to Persuade.

Everett Herald, April 16: Independent Candidates Needed.

Everett Herald, April 14: Only Tool Left is the Ballot Box.






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