The following 8 areas have their own local calendars listing local opportunities.

Many other likely events are listed in blue-green on the main WAmend calendar.  But if you live elsewhere, or if these events don’t fit into your calendar, feel free to go wherever/whenever the spirit of the movement calls you – farmers markets, festivals, street fairs. You may want to roam around at an event with I-1329 petition forms, SlimJim handouts, and a Signup Sheet, or you may want to bring a TV tray or card table to set up shop. Either way, it’s important to be visible, and to let people know what you’re up to.  And it’s lots more fun to do it with a friend or two!

Of course, the main thing  is to get signatures on our petition, but if you can recruit others to do that on their own, that’s how our movement will grow so we can get 300,000 signatures by the end of June! People who carry petitions do not have to be over 18, and they don’t have to be citizens or registered voters, but anyone who signs the petition DOES.  Please make sure people write legibly.

Report from Linda Sutton, Port Townsend 3/24 – + Ongoing opportunities there:

Was out both Saturday and Sunday during the Victorian Festival in Port Townsend. Excellent results and more pages filled.

Some of the locations we can put on our calendar…as in, anyone should just GO and DO IT whenever they can fit in a few moments:

1. Mailbox Plus/Papa Murphy’s/Smoke shop — small shopping center opposite QFC
Mail arrives around 12:30 daily (except Sunday)
People buy pizza near lunchtime and then again from 4pm on
DO NOT set up shop with a table…just walk back and forth with your initiative on a board. HELPS to have a second one in your bag for when there are 2 people and they can be signing at the same time. I got 2 new voter registrations here…30 something’s who had never voted before. Explain to them that now is the time it really matters. It resonates.

2. Don’s Pharmacy/Cleaners/Quimper Merchantile/Isla restaurant
Parking lot nearly filled with cars. Many people from ferry hit this first.
This is another walk back and forth/stand on sidewalk/don’t block doors opportunity. MANY people from out of town. Note though, MANY of the signatures I got this weekend were from PT — as in, there still are a LOT of residents out there who haven’t signed on.

3. Walk from Quimper shopping center down streets to Rose Theatre.
Ask EVERYONE. The corners on Water Street/Taylor are good if you want to stand still a while. Also bench near Rose. If you’re getting signatures of movie-goers, Rocky asks that you wait until AFTER they have their tickets. Also, don’t stand in front of the door. Stay on outer side of sidewalk. For War Horse, btw, get your signatures BEFORE the show (not after). It starts at 11, so being there by 10 is good. People are lining up early. It’s there the next 3 Saturdays.

4. Port Townsend Community Center — ongoing events there. Any time there are a lot of cars, it’s an opportunity. Aldrich’s also has an ongoing stream of customers as well as the coffee shop opposite corner.

5. Post Office…as Jackie has found. GREAT location. Best on the side with the diagonal parking…more people coming in that door. Often could have 2 people working this during high volume times.

6. Court House. Particularly good on Monday morning before the Commissioner’s meeting. But people are streaming in there for various other reasons…like court, or recording documents. I’ve had more out-of-town signatures gathered there than I expected.

7. Gallery Walk on First Saturday of every month. NORTHWIND always has a phenomenally huge amount of people on that day. Be there from 5 or a bit before. Downtown galleries always have a lot of traffic too.

8. Ferries  Anytime you’re going on one, take your board and walk through the upstairs tables. Try to not be drawn into long conversations, though. Again, have 2 BOARDS so that you always have a second to hand to the other person (I had someone waiting in line to sign on Saturday in spite of having 2 boards).

9. Shops/restaurants/theaters   Have an EXTRA INITIATIVE folded in your purse (or pocket, for guys) with a pen. Be ready to meet someone you know and can approach to sign. I’ve also been able to get store employees to sign on (as at the Bremerton Kilmer event recently). Oh, an apology to manager can always be on hand if they take offense…none have yet.

10. ALL special events in the area. Like this Victorian Festival. We have one nearly every weekend.

11. College Spring Registration….not so much right here, as important in other locations. If you’re planning to BE in an area with one the first week of April, I THINK that’s when most are doing this. We do need to be reaching out and getting more young people involved in the issue. This benefits THEM so much and so many are not aware it exists.

///Linda Sutton/Port Townsend MoveToAmend

Malls:  Large regional shopping malls are legally obligated to let us collect signatures, within limitations – which are sometimes prohibitive.  It is private property.   You must apply to management for permission first, and sign an agreement which lists the names of everyone who will be there, the dates, times, and location within the mall.  Some locations are better demographics for enlightened citizens than others.  Try it and see.  It’s warm and dry inside, and they provide a table with a covering, and chairs.

Visibility/branding:  Please print either the vertical or horizontal WAMEND sign in color on heavy paper, and mount it on matt board for a table poster, or place it in a clear plastic 3-holed sleeve for stringing and wearing around your neck or hanging from your clipboard – and/or stick it to the back of your clipboard so you can hold it up as a sign.

Bring WAMEND “slimjim” handouts. And always carry a couple of Voter Registration forms, available online from the Secretary of State.  Good luck!


Schedule of Seattle Sig-Gathering Opportunities

Area/Event Day Time Address
Ballard Farmers Market Sundays 9am – 2pm Ballard Ave at 22nd Ave
Capital Hill Farmers Market** Sundays 11am – 3pm Broadway & Pine**
University Farmers Market Saturdays 9am – 2pm 5031 University Way NE
Preserving Antibiotics: A Public Health Imperative Tuesday, April 1 – register by March 30  6-8:30 pm Hogness Auditorium, UW Medical Center & School of Public Health – a free event including dinner
Best of the Northwest Art Show Sat/Sun
March 29/30
10am – 5pm Magnuson Park:  Hangar 30
7400 Sand Point Way, 98115
VegFest – Seattle Center Sat/Sun
March 29/30
10am – 5pm Seattle Center
Stay tuned for more Upcoming events:  Bike events, Town Hall events, plant sales

Most locations are two hour shifts.  Contact to sign up for a shift.  Please specify the event you are interested in volunteering for and your time availability.
** Contact to sign-up for a shift for Capital Hill Farmers Market, at Seattle Central Community College.




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