diane pic Diane Jones – WAmend Coordinator – worked as an electrician out of IBEW local 46 from 1976 until 2010. She also owned a commercial salmon troll permit and fished the 1992 – 2002 summer seasons in SE Alaska. She represents Occupy Port Townsend/MTA Working Group on the WAmend steering committee. She also serves on the executive board of the Jefferson County Democrats. Phone: 360-379-9193; dianefrjones@gmail.com


Cindy Black – WAmend Secretary – Cindy has had an eclectic work history, including time in the Air Force, working as marriage and family counselor, doing web & graphic design, managing retail stores, to now running her own business selling art and office supplies. She is new to activism and got her start working on I-522 (GMO labeling) last year. “I got involved with WAmend because I want my grandchildren to grow up in a more democratic and just world not controlled by big corporations and money,” Cindy says. Phone:206-552-3287; cindy@kcsalesgroup.com


Bonnie Mager is a longtime community organizer and was executive director of the Neighborhood Alliance of Spokane County. Her most recent adventures have included campaign work on I-522, Governor Jay Inslee’s campaign and her own two campaigns for county commissioner. Bonnie is the Eastern Regional Field Team Coordinator. Phone:509-235-1585; bonniemager51@icloud.com



Linda Brewster is a retired psychologist and family law mediator who has been active in political work since she became an American citizen in 2000. Now rather than helping the people in the system to change, she is focusing on changing the system! Linda is deeply concerned about the metastasizing influence of money and corporations in our democracy. She volunteers as the volunteerRegionalOrganizer for MoveOn in WA and OR, and serves on the Steering Committee and Leadership Team of WAmend                                 



Florence Vincent was born in the UK to an American mother and a British father. she has lived in the US for 25 years. She spent 2013 working on WA State’s GMO labeling initiative 522. The $30 million from corporations that led to the initiative’s failure inspired her to work on initiative 1329. She was the South Sound Regional Volunteer Leader. Phone: 360-977-2168; florencev@fairpoint.netflorencev

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